• Contracts with individuals and legal entities
  • Excursions in monasteries, sights, monuments, archaeological sites
  • Transport to inaccessible areas (mountain villages)
  • Full day business trips
  • Guest transport to receptions, weddings, engagements, christenings, funerals, school balls etc. with waiting time
  • Employee shuttles
  • Transport to spirituals and chiropractors with absolute confidentiality
  • Student transportation on a daily basis to university, school etc
  • Child seats (min. 1hr prescheduled)
  • Airport shuttles
  • Daily routes to Turkey and Bulgaria
  • Transportation for vulnerable social groups
  • Patient transportation to and from hospital safely, comfortably and on time
  • Pick up from public transport spots. In case of public transport delay, no extra charge 

Pigasos Taxi

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